How Would Satellites Battle in Space?

Let’s talk about starcruisers. How realistic are popular sci-fi depictions of military space operations?

It’s going to be a while for starcruisers.

What are the limiting factors for in-space warfighting?

A satellite is designed with a specific limitation on energy expenditure, or ∆V budget, that acts as the satellite’s fuel gauge. A satellite operator will plan maneuvers based on how much ∆V is left in the satellite’s budget.

What physical and technological challenges would have to be overcome for a sci-fi version of a space battle to be possible?

We have a whole branch of the U.S. military dedicated to space defense. What does Space Force do if we don’t engage physically in space?

What would a war in space most likely look like?

Learn more about the orbital dynamics of a war in space.

How likely is it that we will see global conflict erupt in a space domain battlefield?

Interested in reading more? Dr. Reesman’s The Physics of Space War is available from the Aerospace Center for Space Policy and Strategy.



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