Meet the Aerospace CubeSat Fleet

Since 1999, The Aerospace Corporation has been a pioneer in the design, construction and flight of ultrasmall satellites. Learn more about the timeline of our past and future satellites.

Aerospace continues to research and develop ever-higher-performing technologies for smallsats.
The Slingshot 1 CubeSat will carry 19 Aerospace-developed payloads on launch in early July. Follow us on twitter @theaerospacecorporation for launch updates.
Artists rendering of a CubeSat on orbit, left; The LLITED CubeSat, right.
Time-lapse of the DAILI CubeSat assembly.
The AeroCube-14 3U CubeSats in the lab prior to launch integration, left. The satellites carried a number of nanotechnology experiments in low-earth orbit. Aerocube-15 shown right.
Aerocubes -10, -11, -12, left to right, respectively
ISARA, left; Aerocube-7 with payload, right.
Aerocubes -4, -5, -6, left to right, respectively
Photo taken by STS-135 shuttle astronaut of PSSCT-2 deployment in 2011, left. Photo courtesy: NASA; Photo of STS-135, the final photo of a space shuttle on-orbit, taken by the PSSCT-2, right.
Aerocubes -1, -2, -3, left to right, respectively
Opal PicoSat, left; MEPSI-1 PicoSat, center; MEPSI-2 PicoSat, right



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The Aerospace Corporation

We operate the only federally funded research and development center (FFRDC) committed exclusively to the space enterprise.