What does it take to be selected for a NASA Human Research Program?

Aerospace’s Ashley Kowalski is now one of four Americans vying for a spot in an eight-month spaceflight simulation study based in Moscow. She answers our questions (and yours!) about her pursuit to join the SIRIUS-21 mission.

How did you get involved with NASA’s Human Research Program?

This study will involve spending eight months in isolation with five other crew members. What are you personally hoping to get out of the experience?

How do you plan to handle being shut in? Do you have any hobbies to help pass the time?

Do you think your experience at Aerospace will be useful as a crewmember for the study? If so, how?

You speak Russian and German and are fluent in Polish. Where did you develop your language skills?

How have your family and friends reacted to your participation in the study, knowing you’ll be isolated for eight months?

The goal of this study is to prepare humans for inter-galactic travel. Would you be interested in traveling to Mars if you knew you could not return to Earth?

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